Lab Grown Diamond Education


"Man-Made" Diamonds and Natural Diamonds Are Not The Same


A diamond is a naturally occurring substance made from carbon. Formed over 100 miles below the Earth’s surface, it is the hardest naturally created element in the world. Today, most natural diamonds are found in the necks of volcanoes that erupted 100 million years ago. Lab-Grown (man-made) diamonds are also made of carbon and possess almost the same physical, chemical, and optical qualities as natural diamonds. The major differences between the two are that lab-grown (man-made) diamonds do not originate from the Earth, are made in factories, and have an endless supply and natural diamonds are real, rare, and valuable.




Watch the Jewelers Vigilance Committee (JVC) Federal Guidelines for Diamond Terminology video to learn the terminology difference between lab-grown diamonds and natural diamonds.


Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Laboratory Grown

  • Laboratory Created

  • (Manufacture name) Created

  • Man-made Diamonds

  • Synthetic Diamonds

Natural Diamonds
  • Real Diamonds

  • Natural Diamonds

  • Precious Diamonds

  • Genuine Diamonds

  • True Diamonds

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