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At Lee Read Diamonds,
We Specialize in Natural Diamonds That Are Real, Romantic and
Responsibly Sourced.

Colton & Dallis Schneider

Ashtyn & Tyler Kesner

Karsten & Sarah Winegeart

Ryan and Abby Readmond

#LeeReadians Dallis & Colton Veiled in Embracing Love at their Wedding.

A Local Jeweler You Can Trust

If you're looking for an engagement ring or are new to Boise, Meridian or Nampa, you may not have a Jeweler you can Trust yet.

For 59 Years We Believe Trust Is at The Heart Of Every Relationship And Is The Most Important Factor In Buying A Diamond.


Google, Engagement Rings Boise, Engagement Rings Eagle, Engagement Rings Nampa, Engagement Rings Kuna, or Engagement Rings Caldwell, and you'll find over 700, 5 star reviews for Lee Read Diamonds.​ We are Native Idahoans and being a local, family-owned diamond business. we know the Idaho life style.

 The Lee Read Diamond Dream Store In Meridian Idaho is One-Of-A-Kind, Just Like our Natural Diamonds. 

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​ Diamond Q. & A.
Natural or Lab Grown?
Things to Consider.

Lab grown diamonds cost up to 80% less than comparable Natural Diamonds for a reason.  Here's our advice on how to give her the diamond she's always dreamed of.

3 A.Jaffe Diamond Engagement Rings

The Thrill of Selecting Your Engagement Ring!

When You See It On Your Hand, You'll Know in Your Heart,

"This is the One!"

Online photo galleries and message boards are great for getting idea's on styles.


Bring your pics to Lee Read and we'll help you see what it looks and feels like on your finger. With over 450 styles of engagement rings for you to try on, we have the largest selection in Idaho.

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We Specialize In Customizing Your Engagement Ring.

Select your dream ring and the diamond that speaks to you, and we'll work our magic.


Many times you'll be showing off your Lee Read Engagement Ring to your friends that night!

Your engagement ring is the most personal thing you will ever own. You don't have to settle for mass produced, mall jewelry at Lee Read Diamonds.

Natural Diamonds You Won't See Anywhere Else.

Fire & Ice Natural Brilliant Diamonds
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Vivid Color Natural Diamonds
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One Of A Kind Designer Engagement Ring Brands.

Ladies, Let's Have Some Fun

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Capture The Romance

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"Every Lee Read Diamond has a story to tell. Your Story. From how you propose to how your love grows over the years, her engagement ring holds the memories of a life together.


     - Larry Read

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“Rebecca was the sweetest, helpful and most patient person to work with to pick out my wedding ring. She took the time to hand pick out 8+ diamonds for us observe to make sure we were getting exactly what we wanted!"

Megan Russel

We Keep Your Engagement
Ring Looking Like New!
At No Cost To You!


Every Lee Read Diamond Engagement Ring comes with an "All INCLUSIVE" Care Plan from The Ring Doctors, at no cost to you.

You never pay for gold-work or maintenance. The only thing we don't cover is accidental damage or total loss. 

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It's hard to know how much to spend on her engagement ring until you've looked at diamonds.

 There is nothing like looking at diamonds with your own eyes. Even poor quality diamonds can look good in a video.


You don't have to be a diamond expert, fluent in the 4C's to find the right one. Some diamonds just speak to you.


She's going to love any engagement ring you give her, because she loves you! She'll be happy with any size you can afford.

What matters to her most, is that you put her feelings first and she has a familiar place with people who will help keep her diamonds safe and her ring looking like new. 

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Diamonds Do Good!
Discover How Your Natural Diamond Is Making Life Better For People And Wildlife Around The Planet.
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Your marriage proposal with a natural diamond just helped protect the endangered Rhinos and safeguard 200,000 hectares across southern Africa.

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Your natural diamond helps provide access to healthcare for more than 4 million people.

Thank You By The Way Campaign African American Male Child Reading Books.png

Your natural diamond helps provide access to education for children around the world, including over half a million children in rural communities.