How to Buy a Bigger, Brighter, Whiter Diamond:

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For some people, understanding why a diamond sparkles is just as important as appreciating its beauty.​​​​​​​

The beauty of a Diamond doesn’t change with time. It not only represents you when you get engaged but for future generations. If it’s an average cut today, it will look average forever. No other gift represents you; it’s up to you to decide what you want it to say.  

The cut of the diamond is the only factor man can control, and in many ways, it's the most important one. Nature sets the color, clarity, and transparency when the diamond was formed over a billion years ago. Man can unleash all its natural beauty, or he can cut a heavier diamond that will generate the cutter more profit, but not both.  

Stunning beauty vs. lower cost? In a few years, most people forget what they paid, but diamonds are unusual in that they don’t wear out. Their brilliance and beauty are the same in 50 or 100 years; same as the day you slipped it on her finger, and long after the price is forgotten.   

Below are four short videos that will give you some technical information about diamonds that you may enjoy. You can also visit the Natural Diamond Council to learn more.

Fire & Ice Diamonds


Cut Vs. Size - Measure Up

A.S.E.T with Jason Quick