Jewelry Service Center

At Lee Read Jewelers, we specialize in jewelry repair. We are locally-owned and your jewelry is serviced or repaired ON-SITE and not sent out to any third parties.

“One of the saddest things I see as a goldsmith at Lee Read is when a Guest brings in her ring and there is a big hole where there used to be a diamond.” 


I’m Mitch, and my job is to do everything I can so you never have that experience. The best part of my job is seeing the looks on our Guests’ faces when I refurbish their rings. I love to hear, “It hasn’t looked this good in years!” or “It’s never looked so good!”

I’ve been working in the Lee Read Service Center for 9 years and enjoy getting to talk to people like you. Many stores don’t even have a goldsmith on staff and send your ring out to a third party for repair. Many times, the salesperson estimating your repair doesn’t know how to do the work and you may be charged for work you don’t need. The stores that do have a goldsmith keep them in the back or in the basement where you don’t have access to them.

At Lee Read, Idaho’s Diamond Jeweler, you are just seconds away from having me or one of my fellow goldsmiths give you the benefit of our knowledge of what your jewelry actually needs. Our goal is to keep your jewelry looking great and staying safe. Our Jewelry Repair Center is the finest in Idaho, visible to the public, and you can see every step we take when cleaning and inspecting your jewelry. It’s clean and equipped with the latest technology to do your repair right.

"Doing your repair 'right' is more important than doing it as inexpensively as possible." 

Lee Read Jeweler Goldsmith

My name is Sung and I've worked in the Lee Read Repair Center for 17 years. Everyone knows quality work takes more time, materials, and skills to do a repair properly. Estimates are always free and I'm proud of the fact we don't do work that we don't feel is necessary. We know there are many ways to cut corners and do any job for less, but when it comes to your jewelry that's simply not an option for us. You trust us to do our best to keep your jewelry looking good and your diamonds safe. We do our best to honor that trust.

How much does quality repair work cost?

We are exceptionally good at what we do; we guarantee our work and we charge you a fair price. We use a national jewelry repair Blue Book pricing model that has been adopted by thousands of respected jewelers across the country. We are not the cheapest in town, nor do we want to be and estimates are always free. 

Unfortunately, we don't give quotes or estimates over the phone. It is impossible for us to know what a repair will cost without looking at the item. You may have had the ring for years and now it’s too tight, but the base of the ring has also gotten so thin over time it needs to be rebuilt to do the repair properly. We don’t want to disappoint you by quoting the price to size the ring over the phone and then recommend additional work once we look at it. 

How long does it take to repair my jewelry?

Because we do all the work in our well-equipped Jewelry Repair Center, your repair is usually done in a few days, not a few weeks, like traditional stores that send their repairs out to third parties. We have goldsmiths ready to help you every hour that we are open, Tuesday through Saturday, and estimates are always free. When you leave your jewelry with us, it’s safe in our vault when the repair is finished. 

Once you have your jewelry serviced at Lee Read Jewelers, we document the work done and you receive special VIP consideration on all future repairs. This includes free jewelry cleaner, expedited service, and twice-yearly reminders to have your items cleaned and inspected. You will find having Lee Read service your jewelry is fast, friendly, and affordable.

“Beautiful jewelry is our best advertising, and we'll do everything we can to help you keep it safe and looking like the first day you slipped it on your finger.” - Larry Read, Owner

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