Diamond Jewelry Warranty

Every Lee Read diamond purchase comes with our RX Membership Warranty from The Ring Doctors, at no cost to you, for the life of the item!


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What is an RX Membership Warranty from The Ring Doctors? 

The Ring Doctors are located inside Lee Read Diamonds and specialize in jewelry repair and restoration. Lee Read Diamonds has partnered with The Ring Doctors to make caring for your jewelry worry-free. Lee Read provides a complimentary exclusive RX membership warranty with The Ring Doctors on your diamond jewelry purchase.

How much will you have to pay for an RX Membership Warranty on your diamond jewelry purchase?

Lee Read provides a FREE, exclusive RX Membership Warranty with The Ring Doctors for your diamond jewelry purchase.

How does Lee Read jewelry compare to other jewelry stores?

  • We exclusively offer high-quality settings that are built to last.
  • Our settings contain more gold and undergo a specialized process that includes burnishing to enhance their durability.
  • We incorporate more expensive alloys in our gold, which makes our rings a little pricier, but they offer longer life.
  • We provide free preventive maintenance checks with every inspection to ensure any minor issues are quickly resolved.
  • While inspections are not mandatory, we offer to cover the cost of any lost stones for up to one year following inspection and maintenance service.

How often should I get my diamond jewelry inspected?

We recommend taking advantage of the unlimited spa treatments that come with your RX Membership Warranty, throughout the year, to keep your jewelry looking its best.

What kind of future repair work could potentially be needed for diamond rings?

While your lifestyle is a big factor in how your ring could wear over time, these are a few of the common repairs we see at The Ring Doctors.

  • Over time, your fingers will change, and your ring may need to be resized. The Ring Doctors exclusive RX Membership Warranty covers this. 
  • Prong adjustment may be necessary if the ring starts to snag on clothing. The Ring Doctors exclusive RX Membership Warranty covers this. 
  • The shank or bottom of your ring may become thin after about 10 years of daily wear, requiring a rebuild at a cost of $500 to $1,000, depending on the ring style. The Ring Doctors exclusive RX Membership Warranty covers this. 
  • Gold wears away over time, causing the prongs that secure your diamonds to become thin and require rebuilding. This can typically occur between 4 and 7 years after purchase. Repairing all prongs or channels can cost up to $800. The Ring Doctors exclusive RX Membership Warranty covers this. 

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