Custom Jewelry Designs

Custom Design "I Do That!"

“Do you have a picture of the ring you love? I’ll help put it on your finger.”


Hi, I’m Rebecca! I love helping people, like you, design custom jewelry. Does your dream diamond ring keep appearing on your social media feed? 

Do you scribble out your ideal design, then leave it “accidentally” lying around the house for your husband or boyfriend to see?

I listen to your ideas, work with you to create sketches, and then make your ideal piece. You bring an idea and I will help turn it into something wonderful using the expertise that we have available in our Jewelry Design Center. What you envision, together, we will make real.

Call or text me at 208-376-8800 and see how fun and interesting creating your very own “Dream Ring” can be.

Keepsakes "Your Way"

“If Grandma’s Ring Isn’t Your Thing, Let Lee Read Revamp Your Bling”


I’m Anthony. My passion is helping you transform jewelry you already own into something you’ll truly enjoy wearing. I understand your piece holds special memories. 

Don’t know what you want? No problem! Bring the piece in and I’ll work up some sketches with one of our designers.

Once you approve the design, the transformation only takes a week or two! With your gold and diamonds, combined with our inspiration and expertise, we can create a brand-new piece that keeps both those memories alive being able to enjoy your stunning revamp. All of this for a lot less than a new piece!
Call or text me at 208-376-8800 and we’ll get started.

Jewelry Designs