Why is Business so Good at Lee Read?

Updated: Apr 25

I am asked almost every day, “How’s business during these troubled times?”

My response is that business is good; in fact, it is significantly better than last year. So, why would so many more couples be looking for diamond engagement rings now, and why are couples celebrating anniversaries, birthdays, and births of new babies. Don’t they know they should be afraid of everything?!

The answer we’re seeing is a resounding no! Life goes on. Don’t get me wrong; we’re wearing masks at our store are most, but not all of our guests. I feel it is a personal choice, so all are welcome. We’re seeing more people taking the time to value their relationships with each other by giving diamond jewelry.

Being busy is also due to the fact that we are doing cool things with new engagement rings and bridal jewelry. We have recently introduced Fire & Ice Diamonds to the Treasure Valley. They are visibly Bigger, Brighter, and Whiter than even other Ideal cut diamonds and they are available as loose diamonds, or already set in Fire & Ice Diamond jewelry.

Many jewelry stores have cut way back on the pieces they carry, the staff in their stores, and some are no longer taking in jewelry repairs. Not at Lee Read! We have fresh new diamond jewelry styles arriving every week. If you are looking for custom jewelry or have a jewelry repair, we have four talented goldsmiths available to take care of you. Most jewelry repairs are complete in just a few days.

Why are things so different at a jewelry store in Meridian ID than just a few miles away in Boise? It’s called attitude! I believe most people find what they are looking for in life. If you think things are terrible, you can undoubtedly find news that will confirm that things are awful. On the other hand, if you are focused on the good, there are many amazing things about loving, living, and working at a jewelry store in Idaho.

We focus on the good - good people, good service, good relationships, good quality, good value…it’s a long list, and we feel good at the end of the day because we look for the good things in life, and so do 98% of our guests.

If you are an old friend and haven’t been in our store for a while, stop by and let us deep clean and inspect your jewelry. We’ll catch up and show you what’s new. If you are new to the area or haven’t been in our store before, see why Lee Read is different. We are locally owned and operated, and it makes a difference, but only if you are interested in a positive experience.

Until next time,

Larry Read