Why Do Some of My Diamonds Glow?

Updated: Apr 25

One question we hear quite often at Lee Read Diamonds in Meridian is, "Why do some of my diamonds glow when they are in black light?" Many times, this happens when you're visiting a nail salon. It is perfectly natural for a diamond to fluoresce and look blue under UV light.

Is Fluorescence A Bad Thing?

There is a tremendous amount of misinformation regarding diamonds with fluorescence. As with most things, florescent can be either a good thing or it can make a poor quality diamond look even worse.

When Is Fluorescence a Good Thing?

At Lee Read Diamonds we specialize in exceptional Natural Diamonds that have amazing florescence. These diamonds have a slight blue hue when viewed in natural daylight and are among some of the most beautiful diamonds in the world. Set in Natural Diamond engagement rings, real diamond wedding bands, or genuine diamonds earnings, they are stunningly beautiful.

Why Most Internet Experts Claim Fluorescence Is Bad?

In average to below average diamonds that are slightly cloudy, this blue effect can be very detrimental and will make the stone look blurry or oily.

Since low priced average to below average diamond make-up 95 % of the Natural Diamonds on the internet, purchasing one with fluorescence is not recommended.

Just the opposite is true when it comes to purchasing a remarkable Lee Read Natural Diamond engagement ring. Seeing is believing and our Guests want to see several or maybe a dozen exceptional florescent diamonds side by side.

The internet is not a bad place to buy if you're looking for a diamond that has been passed over by jewelry professionals like Lee Read Diamonds. But the reality is, no one, not even professional Jewelers like us can't tell exceptional Natural Diamonds from average dull diamonds by watching a video of a stone online. They all look great until you open the box.

At Lee Read, we specialize in remarkable Natural Diamonds. We're always looking for diamonds with exceptional transparency, strong fluorescence. and an exceptional cut because they have an incredible color as they sparkle in natural light. We even have a few, very rare Fire & Ice florescent Natural Diamonds that are spectacular. To learn more about beautiful florescent Fire & Ice diamonds click below.

Afterglow Natural Diamonds is an entire collection of gorgeous fluorescent diamonds that are available exclusively at Lee Read Diamonds.

If you live in Boise, Meridian, Nampa, Caldwell, Kuna, or Eagle and want to see some of the most beautiful diamonds in the Treasure Valley, you need to come to the Lee Read Diamond Dream Store and check out our Afterglow Natural Diamonds. Afterglow Diamonds come in a variety of sizes and diamond shapes and everyone has their own preference.

Lee Read Diamonds is located just off the Meridian exit of I-84. Come in today and see how beautiful a crystal clear, fluorescent Natural Diamond can be.

Pro-tip. If you're shopping for a unique diamond engagement ring, ask the salesperson to show you fluorescent diamonds. If they can't, they don’t know much about diamonds.

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