10 Tips When Shopping For an Engagement Ring Together in 2022.

Updated: Jul 13


Photo of a couple shopping for engagement rings
Tiana helping a couple select their Lee Read Diamond engagement ring.

Shopping for your engagement ring as a couple should be interesting, fun, and memorable. Many men enjoy the process of learning more about what makes Natural Diamonds so rare and gain an understanding of why her engagement ring is so important to her.


Here are 10 tips that will help you get the most out of shopping together for her engagement ring.


1. Find a locally owned and operated Jeweler you Trust.

2. Find a Jeweler that specializes in Natural Diamonds & engagement rings.

3. Be yourself and don't worry if you don't know much about diam0nds.

4. Keep an open mind as to the style of the ring or the size of the diamond.

5. Ask questions about lab-grown and Natural Diamonds.

6. Look for a Jeweler that offers good advice and respect your budget.

7. Seeing is believing. Always look at diamonds with your own eyes.

8. Give her the opportunity to see Fire & Ice Natural Diamonds,

9. Is a comprehensive Care Plan included with your engagement ring purchase.

10. Shop for her engagement ring at a Jeweler you can trust.