5 Tips for Buying a Gift

Updated: Apr 25

1.Think about what you want this gift to represent.

We hate to break it to you, but heart-shaped jewelry isn’t the only way to show you love her (unless that’s what she truly wants). Give her something that she will genuinely be excited to wear. Something that shows you care about her personality, and by extension, her personal style. If this is a major life event (say….a ten-year anniversary), let the jewelry piece represent how significant this day is. Don’t be afraid to say it with diamonds.

2.Choose a piece that you know she will be excited to wear often.

Know a bit about their style preferences. Ideas to keep in mind: what kind of metals do they prefer? Do they wear more rings or necklaces? When all else fails, the most foundational pieces for a jewelry wardrobe (after engagement and wedding rings) are diamond earrings and right-hand rings. (pssst...Our Fire&Ice Natural Diamonds have the most amazing Diamond stud earrings you've ever seen!)

*pro tip, if you don’t know where to start, tell our diamond matchmakers what her engagement ring looks like. We can tell so much about her style just based on this!

3.Don’t forget ALL the important milestones in life.

When you have created a life together, there are so many special moments to memorialize. Diamonds hold memories for a lifetime. Let them speak for you. Anniversaries, major accomplishments, push presents (and our favorite, just because), symbolize the significance of a moment with a piece of jewelry she can admire every day.

4.Check her wish list (or encourage her to make one)

Did you know we can keep a wish list for all of her favorite items in-store to make your gift shopping easy? Our diamond matchmakers will help her craft a list with a variety of pieces at a variety of price points so that you know she will love the gift.

5.It’s in the details.

An amazing gift is best given with an amazing presentation. Don’t skimp the details. We will happily have her present gift wrapped and ready for you to take home. To tie a bow on it, we offer greeting cards free with purchase.