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More Idahoans wear diamonds from Lee Read than from any other jeweler.

We are a locally owned and operated business that was founded by Lee and Maxine Read in 1963. For three generations we have been known as Idaho's Diamond Jeweler. We specialize in diamonds. 

Most jewelers try to be a little of this and a little of that, but don't end up being excellent at anything. At Lee Read, we focus on Diamonds, Diamonds, Diamonds! 98% of all gem-quality diamonds on the market fail to meet our Lee Read standards. We purchase only from sources that are certified conflict-free. Every diamond is thoroughly examined and graded by a Graduate Gemologist in our own AGS accredited laboratory before it qualifies to be a Lee Read Diamond. While most of the diamonds we sell come with GIA or AGS grading reports, it is impossible to judge any diamond's beauty from a piece of paper. That's why we assess all these diamonds based on the beauty of the stone itself. Your wife or fiancé will be wearing the diamond, not carrying around a grading report to prove its quality. 

We sell beautiful diamonds, not certificates. One of the biggest myths in the jewelry industry is by online diamond merchants telling people that once a diamond has a certificate (a grading report), it's only about finding the same specifications at the lowest price. Nothing is further from the truth. In 53 years, we have never bought a diamond for our stock that we didn't look at first. Two diamonds with the same specifications may look significantly different. Every diamond is different, and every diamond has a story regardless of what is printed on paper. 

Check out our Diamond Education page to learn the truth about diamond grading reports.

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