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How to Buy A Natural Diamond
Frequently Asked Questions

Why you don't have to be a diamond expert to buy a diamond engagement ring she will love. Just remember, this is her engagement ring, not yours and it has to be romantic.

Most men pride themselves on being self-reliant, rational thinkers. Love is just the opposite. Nowhere is this more true than purchasing her engagement ring. The online advice tells you, it's not that hard to find a great diamond for the lowest price. All you need is to use the 4Cs and a diamond search engine. They also tell you, real men are logical and there is no logical reason to spend more than you have to for a natural diamond engagement ring.


At Lee Read, we understand how appealing this is to men. We also know most women want a real, romantic, and remarkable natural diamond engagement ring. Once you understand that you're purchasing this diamond ring for her and not for yourself, then you're on your way to understanding more about expressing your Love.


At Lee Read, we speak #LeeReadian; The Language of Love. Most men are not very sentimental or romantic and that's a big problem when they want to give their one true love, the most romantic diamond ring she will ever receive. Romance is the magic that keeps your Love alive. Ask any couple that has shared 10, 20, or 50 years together. There is always some romance and the more you know about how to express romantic feelings, the more rewarding your lives together will be.


What Makes Her Ring Romantic

Page Down To Read About The 4C's

Did You Know?

Many men give only the center diamond, set in a simple solitaire ring when they propose. The most significant cost in a natural diamond engagement ring is usually the center diamond so they feel comfortable that it fits in their budget. Then, they come in together to find the perfect style of engagement ring she loves.

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Moments before Cole proposes to Michaela! How romantic!

How much you spend on her diamond engagement ring is up to you. The right amount depends on what you want her engagement ring to say to her.

What Do You Want To Spend

Only judgemental people would dare tell you how to put a dollar amount on your relationship. Your love for each other is one-of-a-kind. You want her to know she's important and she wants to feel important, this is where your search for how much is the "right amount" starts.


So why does something so small, cost so much? Exceptional natural diamonds are real, rare, and romantic.

The original painting of the Mona Lisa was recently appraised at $750,000,000. That's three-quarters of a billion dollars! Look online and you can find very good hand-painted copies that look the same for less than $1,000. The difference is, Leonardo da Vinci had the original inspiration to create it and only painted it on one canvas. The original Mona Lisa is the real thing. The other painters simply copy the original. It may take an expert to tell them apart, but they are still just copies of the real thing. The good news is, Nature created natural diamonds and thankfully there are more than one. but that doesn't mean they are common. Remarkable natural diamonds are rare. Only about 15% of all-natural diamonds are gem-quality and of these, only about 2% are truly remarkable.


Most people can afford remarkable natural diamonds. You may not be buying that new snow machine you want until next year or those new electronics you have your eye on right away, but you can probably give her a remarkable Lee Read natural diamond engagement ring if you are willing to sacrifice and wait for some of the things you want. It's more about your priorities than how much money you make. Your fiance knows this and that's why a real, rare, and romantic natural diamond engagement ring means so much to her. She knows you spent as much as you can afford and sacrificed things you wanted, to give her an incredible natural diamond ring, that is just for her.

Vivid Color Natural Green Diamond Engage

Unique Vivid Color Natural Green Diamond Engagement Ring

Romantic Vs Lowest Price

Why online advice is so focused on price and not romance.

Did You Know?

"Look how much I saved." are the 5 most unromantic words you can ever say when she has her heart set on a remarkable, romantic, natural diamond engagement ring. Why? Because it means it's not a Lee Read natural diamond engagement ring.

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We all know the internet is the place to go for the lowest price and that typically works for any item you buy. Remember, this is HER engagement ring, not yours. Romance is a very important emotion to most women and it is "kryptonite" to almost every internet diamond expert and online diamond company. Why?


Purchasing online is logical, not romantic. What you may not know is most "online experts" don't even sell diamonds or diamond jewelry, they just write "how-to" blogs. Today they may post on "how to buy the best diamond" and tomorrow they are writing about "how to buy the best golf clubs". They get paid when you click a link to a vendor that they are recommending in their post or blog. Since the lowest price is what the internet does best, they make a lot more money getting men to click, "how to save money on an engagement ring" than from guys that are looking for "how to find the most romantic diamond engagement ring for women".


We all know the internet and online sites are data-driven. Men, as a group, tend to be self-reliant and logical. Internet marketers know it is easier for most men to hop online, learn a little about the 4Cs, and use a search engine to locate what they think is the best diamond. It's the way most men are and it works. The experts write the way they do because they are writing to guys like you.


Most women would NEVER buy something as sentimental or as romantic as their diamond engagement ring online. To her, the internet has ZERO romantic value. She'll look for different styles of rings online and maybe even glance at some of the diamonds but just to gather information and inspiration to show you. Where you purchase her diamond engagement ring is very important to her because they're the people that are going to help her keep it looking like new for the rest of her life.


An internet diamond says two things to her, easy and low price. One of the first things she will ask after your proposal, is "where did you get it?" It's also a question her friends and family are going to ask her. Why? Because where you purchase her ring adds or subtracts to the emotional and romantic value of every engagement ring.


She knows it's easy to go online and hard for you to walk into a jewelry store and ask for help. She has seen actual internet diamonds on one or two of her friends and knows that they are average diamonds that sell for the lowest price. The difference between actually holding her natural Lee Read Diamond ring and comparing it with other diamonds before you bought it and looking at a picture or a video and using the 4Cs to make your choice is huge. One is clinical and easy, the other is hard and romantic.

Can I Trust The 4 C's
Here's what the 4Cs do and don't tell you about any diamond.

Would you propose to a woman online based only on her dating profile? This isn't a trick question, but using the 4Cs to buy the right diamond will only tell you the basics. You have to see it, hold it and compare it to others to really appreciate the beauty of an exceptional Lee Read natural diamond.

What are the 4Cs? Click on each one to learn more.

Almost all online retails fool you into believing something that isn't true. Here's why:


First, online sellers constantly promote GIA Certificates. The GIA doesn't certify diamonds and GIA certificates don't exist. The GIA does issue grading reports that are opinions of highly trained individuals on their staff that grade diamonds. There is an important difference between a certificate and a report. A certificate is a statement of fact, a report is an opinion of the person writing the report. Two different graders can and occasionally do, grade the same diamond differently. Learn more here. The GIA has informed online retailers of the difference but they still misrepresent these reports as Certificates. How can you trust anyone that wants you to believe the quality is guaranteed by a certificate when it's not?

Second, because online diamond sellers rely so heavily on GIA reports they want you to believe they are easy to read and understand. The reality is they are not. We deal in diamonds, employ individuals that are trained, and have a complete laboratory where we use the 4Cs in a meaningful way. The fact remains, we never buy a diamond depending on only the 4Cs. We always look at every diamond with our own eyes because beauty truly is in the eye of the beholder. And you should too. If the 4Cs were as easy to use as online experts say we would save a lot of money not having diamonds sent in and then only keeping 1 or 2 because all the others were only average, even though they had the 4Cs we were looking for. Learn more here

Beef steaks are graded in a similar manner. The U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) has 8 different grades of beef. Let's just look at the best. When you walk up to the meat counter and all the T-bone steaks are "Prime" grade, do you still look through the packages and pick out the best one? Everybody does. The "Prime grade" is a general guideline to the best but it is no guarantee you are going to like every 'Prime" steak just because that is the grade.

Diamonds are no different. Selecting a diamond only using the highest 4Cs is like walking up to the meat counter, closing your eyes, and blindly picking one. You probably won't be getting the best one when all you had to do is take the time to look. Wearing an average diamond the rest of her life when you were lead to believe it was exceptional, is heartbreaking.

Sample GIA Report.jpg

"Honey, look! I got you a GIA report!"
Are those words worth more than your love?

Why don't all jewelry stores and online retailers make it easy for her to keep her ring looking like the day you gave it to her? And why do they want you and her to pay more to keep it looking great?
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If you are a #LeeReadian at heart the next step is up to YOU. Come in and see for yourself how exciting and emotionally rewarding purchasing, giving, and enjoying the look on her face, every day she wears her Lee Read Natural Diamond Engagement Ring.
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