Fire & Ice Diamonds

  Fire & Ice Diamonds: Bigger, Brighter, and Whiter

If you are an individual that wants to make a statement when you give your fiancé her engagement ring, then give her a Fire & Ice Diamond that looks Bigger, Brighter, and Whiter than even Ideal cut diamonds. 


"I'm Amy and I have loved selling beautiful diamonds my entire adult life. I thought I had seen the best but when I saw Fire & Ice I was blown away. I didn't know such beautiful diamonds existed and now I sell them every day. There are only about 50 stores in the world that sell Fire & Ice and I am so happy Lee Read is one of them. If you're interested in a diamond you really owe it to yourself to look at Fire & Ice. They look bigger, brighter and whiter than even ideal cut diamonds. Take it from a diamond expert, you love wearing a Fire & Ice diamond from Lee Read."

When you give her a Fire & Ice Diamond, she will have the most brilliant diamond in the room and one that reflects your love for her.

Fire & Ice Diamonds are the perfect mix of Nature and Technology. Nature created Natural Diamonds over a billion years ago before there was life on Earth. A Natural Diamond is the oldest object you will ever hold in your hand. It's only in the last 5 or 6 years that man has mastered a scientifically proven cutting process that releases the maximum beauty hidden in these billion-year-old diamond crystals.

It is now possible to cut a diamond in such a way that maximizes all the light that falls on it from every angle and returns it to everyone that looks at it. Fire & Ice is not just another fancy name with a catchy slogan. Fire & Ice diamonds actually look Bigger, Brighter, and Whiter than other Ideal cut diamonds of the same weight.

You probably haven’t heard of Fire & Ice Diamonds because they are a new company with very exclusive distribution. They have rewritten the diamond grading handbook by using light performance as a measure of a diamond's beauty instead of using complex charts, graphs, and angles that only estimate a diamond's brilliance.

Only 50 hand-selected retailers are authorized to sell Fire & Ice Diamonds, and Lee Read Jewelers is one of those retailers. We are nationally recognized diamond experts and we are here to help you with information on how to pick a diamond that will take her breath away. Plus, her friends will be talking about it for years to come. 

You owe it to yourself to experience a Fire & Ice Diamond that is made to look bigger, brighter, and whiter. You may be happy settling for the older, less brilliant Ideal cut, but you are giving your fiancé the most important diamond of her life. You have a unique opportunity to give her a diamond that will bring tears to her eyes. Most men never get the chance to profess their love for the one they love with such a rare and beautiful diamond.

Text me at 208-370-8800 and we will set an appointment, or come in and I'll show you why Fire & Ice Diamonds look bigger, brighter, and whiter than any other diamond of the same size you can buy.

Learn more about why Fire & Ice Diamonds are bigger, brighter, and whiter than other ideal cut diamonds.

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