Loose Natural Diamonds

How To Surprise Her And Shop Together At The Same Time

To pull off a surprise proposal, a lot of men will purchase the center diamond on their own and have it set in a classic solitaire ring. The newly engaged couple can then shop together, giving her the ring of her dreams and achieving your surprise proposal. 

Fire & Ice Diamonds Loose Diamonds

Fire & Ice Natural Diamonds

Fire&Ice Natural Diamonds are cut using a patented formula that makes them look Bigger, Brighter, and Whiter than even Ideal cut diamonds.

Kaleidoscope Loose Diamond

Kaleidoscope Natural Diamonds

This unique cut features almost twice the individual facets of an average diamond and splits the white light into a rainbow of colors. 

Lee Read Yellow Vivid Colors Natural Loose Diamond Graphic Lee Read Yellow Vivid Colors Natural Loose Diamond Graphic

Vivid Color Natural Diamonds

The name says it all; Vivid Color Natural Diamonds are created by Nature and have exceptionally vivid colors, including mesmerizing shades of yellow, pink, and green.

Lee Read Fancy Shape Diamonds

Fancy Natural Diamond Shapes

Cut into shapes other than the traditional round brilliant cut. These include princess, pear, marquise, oval, emerald, heart, cushion, and radiant cut shapes.

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