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Engagment Ring

You Deserve a Custom Ring

Custom Engagement Rings 

Many stores and the internet want to sell you a preset engagement ring. It’s easy for them but not very special for you. 

Yes, it takes more knowledgeable people, plus a larger inventory of diamonds and settings but the real magic happens when we provide the talented goldsmiths to bring it all together.

Come in today and let us customize your perfect engagement ring.

Custom is as easy as 1,2,3.

1. One of our Diamond Matchmakers helps you select an exceptional Lee Read diamond that fits your style and your budget.

2. Now it time to find the perfect setting for your new diamond and we have more settings than 4 or 5 mall jewelers combined.

3. We know no one likes to wait, so we have 4 goldsmiths standing by in our store to set your perfect diamond into your perfect setting.

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