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Lee Read Core Beliefs...


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Happy Guests reward us with their patronage. Being local we set our standards. Yes, we have to make a profit and no, we can’t meet everyone’s needs, but having our roots in the community we bring the human touch to our business the chain stores and the internet can't, won’t and don’t.


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Properly sourced Natural Diamonds reward you with one of Nature’s most precious gifts. At the same time, they use 40% less energy to find than making a lab grown diamond and support the

livelihoods of tens of thousands of people in some of the worlds most impoverished countries.

Lee Read Diamonds are good for you, the environment and humanity.


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Anyone purchasing a diamond is celebrating an important moment in their lives. Everyone has average feelings, but love is never an average feeling and deserves an exceptional, natural diamond.

We understand there are other stones that are just as shiny that cost far less. Your love is real, capture the moment with the real thing. Nothing tells the recipient the depth of your feelings like an exceptional Lee Read Natural Diamond.


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Selling diamonds is big business and most places treat you as a sale, not as a person. We don’t sell you anything, we help you find the diamond that expresses what you want to say. You will feel the difference the moment you enter our store. We are diamond matchmakers that are interested in how you met and your hopes and dreams. People purchase Lee Read Diamonds because they make them and their loved ones happy, not because we use the most effective sales techniques. This is why we enjoy coming to work each day.


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For thousands of years diamonds have been valued as a symbol of the level of sacrifice one individual willing to accept, and then present as a gift to another. For a student, just starting out, $1,000 may be a huge sacrifice where to an individual that is financially well off $1,000 is little to no sacrifice at all.

You determine your budget, and we respect it. We believe everyone deserves to see the best we have to offer but also know it is their decision as to how much they can afford. We have a large selection of diamonds in different sizes that will fit almost every budget. It’s like Goldilocks, we recommend you spend enough that it is a true sacrifice but not so much it is overwhelming. Your budget needs to be just right. We will show you exceptional natural diamonds to fit your budget.

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