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Smart Shoppers Know How To Keep Their Jewelry Looking Like New.

Every Lee Read Diamond purchase comes with our "All Inclusive", Lifetime Care Plan, at no cost to you!

For all the time and effort many couples put into selecting the perfect diamond engagement ring, they don't think about how much it's going to cost to keep the diamonds safe and it looking as beautiful as the day they bought it.

At Lee Read, we've got your back!

 Why do we take the worry out of taking care of your Lee Read engagement ring?

It's a Win, Win!


We believe others commenting on your beautiful jewelry and your referrals are our best advertising.  

It's Easy!


It's not hard to do preventative maintenance every time we inspect your ring. Always, at no cost to you.


It's Smart!


Your engagement ring will be the first of many purchases to celebrate future milestones with Lee Read Diamonds.


Here's how we can offer this and others jewelers can't.



  • We only carry high-quality settings that are designed to last.

  • Our settings have more gold and the process of making them includes steps, like burnishing, that make them wear longer.

  • We use more expensive alloys in the gold, it's a little more expensive but this gives the ring more life.

  • We automatically do preventive maintenance,  at no charge to you, every time we inspect it. Small problems are easy to fix.

  • We don't require inspections, but as a bonus, we'll cover the loss of any stones for one year after we inspect and maintain your ring.

Our "All-Inclusive" Lifetime Care Plan covers all gold work, including resizing, new prongs, refinishing, rhodium, and all other maintenance due to normal wear and tear. The only thing it doesn't cover is accidental damage and total loss.
That's what insurance is for.


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