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Lee Read Advice On Diamonds

Keeping A Diamond Ring Looking New  

The most obvious change from when you first purchased your ring is that it accumulates hand creams and soap residue. The diamonds won't be as bright because of it. Lee Read Diamonds is the only jeweler we know of that gives you a lifetime supply of jewelry cleaner you can use every day at home to help keep your ring looking new.


We require a 12-month clean and check rather than 6-month inspections to ensure that any stones have not become loose. We tighten them up while she waits and shops around our beautiful local store in Meridian, Idaho. We also take this opportunity to refinish her Lee Read natural diamond engagement ring using a high-speed buff, an industrial ultrasonic cleaner, and high-pressure steam.

The final step with a white gold ring is to replace the rhodium finish that the ring came with when it was new. Most stores charge $75 for this service. We do too but only on jewelry that didn't come from Lee Read. It's not unusual for some women to have us perform this service twice a year. In just 10 years that would cost $1,400 if you purchase her diamond engagement ring online or one from another jeweler.


Natural wear on your diamond ring is covered by our RX Membership Warranty at no charge to you.

  • Gold wears away like the tires on your car. You never see it but it happens to everyone and over time, the prongs become thin and need to be rebuilt. This usually occurs in about 4 and 7 years and can cost up to $800 to repair if all the prongs or channels need to be rebuilt. 

  • It's not unusual for the bottom of her ring (the shank) to become thin at about 10 years of daily wear. Rarely sooner but eventually it will need to be rebuilt. This costs anywhere from $500 to $1,000 depending on the style of the ring.

  • Ring sizing. Over time, her fingers will change and her ring will need to also.

  • Prong adjustment if her ring starts to snag on her clothes.

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  • Accidental damage

  • Total loss

What We Don't Cover

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Your guide to learning more about buying a Natural Diamond.  

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JVC Federal Guidelines for Diamond Terminology

The terminology difference between Lab-Grown Diamonds and Natural Diamonds. 

Lab-Grown Diamonds
  • Laboratory Grown

  • Laboratory Created

  • (Manufacture name) Created

  • Man-made Diamonds

  • Synthetic Diamonds

Natural Diamonds
  • Real Diamonds

  • Natural Diamonds

  • Precious Diamonds

  • Genuine Diamonds

  • True Diamonds

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