Fire & Ice or Lee Read Bright Crystal Diamonds?

Purchasing An Important Diamond Is a Unique Decision Unlike Anything Else You Will Ever Buy


Nothing you own will be more personal, seen by more people or bring you or your fiancé more enjoyment. At Lee Read Jewelers we recommend three levels of diamonds. Think of it as a good, better, and the best selection. 


Fire&Ice Diamonds

 These are the most brilliant diamonds you can buy. The goal of a Fire and Ice diamond is maximizing the beauty of the diamond. Frankly, Fire & Ice Diamonds are more expensive than average diamonds. But surprisingly, not that much more, if having a diamond that looks Bigger, Brighter and Whiter is important to you. 

Even if you are on a budget, I recommend you consider buying a Fire & Ice Diamond. Now is the time to look at the best! Because Fire & Ice diamonds appear Bigger, Brighter and Whiter to the naked eye, you can purchase a diamond that weighs less but still has the look of a larger, more expensive diamond. 


Lee Read Bright Crystal Diamonds

These are a gorgeous diamond in their own right. They are cut from extremely clear natural diamond crystals. Due to the rarity of these ultra-clear crystals they too cost a little more than a typical Lee Read Diamond but again you can usually see the difference. Click here to learn more. 


Lee Read Classic Diamonds 

Diamonds we hand select for our Lee Read Classic Collection represent the top 10 percent of all diamonds available for sale. That leaves 90 percent of other diamonds in the average, to dull, to ugly categories. We leave those diamonds for the big chain jewelers and the internet to sell. To get the full story on the great lengths we go to in selecting these beautiful diamonds click here


At Lee Read, we won’t let you make a mistake when you purchase your diamond.


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